Ionic App Development Services

Reach users on Android, iOS, and web with only one codebase. Expand your possibilities quickly with the top Ionic app development team.

Ionic is an open-source front-end framework for cross-platform app development. It allows developers to create only one code base and then easily adapt it to iOS, Android, and web. Ionic provides consistent user experience across platforms and devices, and enables developers to reuse the code as much as possible, which speeds up the process. With Ionic, we can create fast and reliable apps with modern, responsive design. That is why the framework is perfect for Progressive Web Apps. 

App development with Ionic is a time-efficient process, a perfect solution if you want to appear on the market quickly and have a limited budget. The problem of communication between iOS and Android teams doesn’t exist because only one team works on your app. It’s easy to manage the project efficiently in an Agile way. 

If you want to create an app for multiple platforms and web quickly, we provide you with a dedicated team of experienced Ionic developers, UX/UI designers, and QA specialists to spot every bug. Top-notch backend developers are here to craft a scalable, secure infrastructure for your app. Our Ionic team works according to Agile/Scrum, and is supervised by Project Manager and Tech Leader to provide you with the highest level of transparency and the most efficient process.

Don’t let your competitors outrun you – reach your target audience on every platform with one app. Hire our specialists to save money, time, and create advanced apps for iOS, Android, and web. 

Benefits of Ionic

1 code = 3 apps

One codebase works for iOS, Android, and web. You save time and money and expand your reach efficiently.

Excellent experience

Ionic offers a set of components that allow developers to easily create native experiences, consistent between platforms.

Access to native features

The Ionic framework guarantees access to features like camera or geolocation, which expands your app’s capabilities.


One code means less programming and testing. Our Ionic app development team can deliver your apps for iOS and Android faster.

Cost reduction

You need only one team, one code, and there’s less testing. It means lower app development costs.

Transparent Project Management

You need only one development team, so it’s easy to manage the project in an Agile way.

Our Values & Vision


We work in sprints, every two-weeks delivering new app build for you to test and constantly push your project forward.

Scalable infrastructure

Your app will be successful only with the scalable, secure and reliable infrastructure provided by our experienced backend developers.


We sign an NDA and IP rights are transferred to you. All our actions are GDPR-compliant and your business, idea and rights are protected.

Delivering quality

Quality Assurance Specialists take part in your project from the very beginning to prevent issues and deliver a bug-free product.


We’re in constant contact via Slack, present to you the progress every two weeks and send timesheets every month. You get access to Jira to additionally track it at any moment.


You get a dedicated Ionic app development team that consists of designers, front-end developers, backend developers, QA specialists and a Project Manager. Your team is easy to scale up or down according to your needs.


We’re your partner on the road to your success. Our team works with you during workshops and research to perfectly understand your idea and know your business, market and audience inside out.

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Ready to start your Ionic app development project?

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